Thermal Weapon Sight

The TAWS Series is our dedicated thermal weapon sight line. Of course it is versatile enough to be used as a hand-held unit when needed and  can easily be mounted and detached from any standard Picatinny rail system using the double throw lever mount.  The TAWS Series gives the operator enhanced surveillance and targeting capability during night and adverse weather conditions. User selectable reticles and digital windage and elevation adjustments are readily available through the onboard software and the monocular can be easily bore-sighted to any weapon. An included remote control switch provides increased flexibility for the user, integrating the sight and the weapon.

The TAWS Series units are easy to operate with simple and intuitive controls, with standard features such as polarity, display brightness and digital zoom.  The user menu provides a selection of display modes including color or monochrome  and contrasting reticle color, enabling the user to optimize the viewed image for the target and scene conditions.   

The TAWS Series objective lens is offered in a variety of focal lengths providing a choice of fields of view and target detection ranges.  The TAWS Series models include image capture to an internal memory and review of still images on the internal micro-display. Video and still images may be downloaded and captured to a SD card using our optional Audio Visual Kit.  

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