Laser Systems

Nivisys offers an extensive variety of battle-hardened multi-spectral tactical lasers and illuminators designed for the operator’s active targeting needs. These lasers and illuminators are official U.S. Army/Navy type-classified systems and are currently fielded by NATO countries throughout the world in all of the major conflict areas. The laser and illuminator products can be obtained by authorized users in both visible and near-IR formats for use with night vision goggles. The illuminators can be supplied either as white-hot flashlights for target control or as focusable near-IR illuminators designed to provide extended night vision range.  Nivisys Lasers are not currently for domestic U.S. sales. Nivisys,LLC is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Nivisys sales of IR Lasers are restricted to International Governments, U.S. Law Enforcement and US Governments.  They cannot be sold to US or International civilians.  ITAR restrictions apply.



Ground Commander's Pointer


Infrared Tactical Aimer/Pointer


Night Gunnery Aiming Laser

International Traffic in Arms Regulations

The hardware viewed on this website may be subject to export control under the jurisdiction of either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and unauthorized exportation is prohibited.

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